Ensenada has different types of transportation from aminibus or a taxi to private transport. You t you can check inwith Baja Wine Toursthey offertransportation tothe wine route. The cheapest transport to the Valle de Guadalupe is taking a minibus to the center of the city of Ensenada,busesrun every half hour and the last one leaves before 7pm. (Transport Vigia is the line of mini buses that can take you the Wine Route).


What DO YOU NEED to bring to the festival?

Comfortable shoes

Comfortable clothes





How far are we from towns and the city?


It takes about 50 minutes to get from Ensenada to the Guadalupe Valley.

Just 45 kilometers from Ensenada :) the landscape and vegetation willchange as you head to the valley.  You will be now enteringto the wine region in Mexico where the clear blue sky contrasts with the mountains surroundingvineyards. Mexican vines are impregnated with the mild sea breeze that gets through their round grapes and beautiful leafs. 

How much money do I need? 

Approximately $ 1,000 pesosper day (80 dls) 

WHICH places can I visit besides Ensenada and Tijuana?

El Malecon

This short walking touroffers great panoramic views of the harbor. Starting at the Black Market seafood where you can enjoy traditionalfish tacos. It is an excellent place to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, to observe marine life and you can take guided tripsto admire the gray whale.

Calle Primera

You can walk in Calle Primeraand enjoy the variety of restaurants, bars, cafes and local handicrafts. Both day and night, the walk becomes enjoyable for all ages and its a very safe spot day and night. 

La Bufadora:

 One of the largest natural geysers in the world, located 35 kilometers from Ensenada in Punta Banda. This cliff reaches up to 20 meters. From the paved road, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Ensenada, beaches and the island Todos Santos. You find local crafts for sale, including its famous blown glass, and restaurants.

Isla Todos Santos:

With access only by boat from Ensenada or La Bufadora, don't miss visiting the two islands of Todos Santos (north and south) it is the ideal place to spend the day. There you can admire the marine fauna, surfing thanks to its high waves, diving among other water sports. 

Salto de Guadalupe: 

An excellent place for adventure in El Salto de Guadalupeyou can practice rappelling, climbing and hiking. In the spring the streams carry water causing the natural spectacle even more beautiful. Although you can not swim( water doesn´t rise much) itsperfectspot for panoramic photos. On your way you will see many entrances to ranches, you can get anything fromjams to wines, sweets, bread and other products.



 Just 32 kilometers south of the US border is the town of Rosarito. It is located off the coast of the Pacific Ocean in the state of Baja California and its the meeting point for the Californian culture.

Swiss Basement: 

One of the favorite bars opened since 1989 and it has an open heart for tijuanenses and tourists alike.  Music goes form all time rock and roll favorites as well as 80´s classics. . Its decor, which resembles a basement, is nice and cozy. Be sure to try the food from their menu with Swiss touch, Take   at least one clamato but then opt for something else.

Sixth Street:

 Currently fashionable among young people, Sixth Street comes alive at night when the bars become hangouts among locals and tourists. The Dandy del Sur a super famous bar has increased thenumber of visitors


The state of Baja California is distinguished by the new culinary concept Baja Med, the result of a fusion of influences between Mexican, Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine. This concept has been driven by local chefs who are now recognized worldwide.


Barra Azul

Mariscos Ensenada Bay

Santos In The Pacific


Mariscos Playa Azul

pier 240


Birrieria Guadalajara

El Charro

Las Gaviotas

The farm


Argentino Grill





Sushi Niguri Author





the Forcheta

Breweries and Bars:

Canneria Brewery

Brewery Agua Mala

Brewery Del Valle

Brewery Las Minas

Crooner brewery

Mx brewery

La Gotera

The Malta Valley

District Public Bar

Beaches nearby


El Faro and La Monalisa is located in Chapultepec.

San Miguel (rocky beach where surfing and camping is practiced) in Sauzal Rodriguez.

Baja Beach Estero and O. Pacific.

Estero Beach - 20 min. Ensenada sandy beach and family.

Playa La Mission

La Joya in Maneadero

Bay of Angels

San Luis Gonzaga Bay


Punta Descanso

Punta Mezquite